If you don't help your client save money & reduce risk, someone else will. 

Even if you only have one golf or hospitality client, we'll help you be the hero (not the other guy!). 

Affinity Club Underwriters is the only insurance program administrator led by golf industry experts - with decades of real-life experience.

We help our broker partners find ways to reduce costs, address club owner concerns (even ones they didn’t know they had) and make things simple - for both of you!

We're the exclusive provider of the Affinity Club Program for private and semi-private country clubs. We specialize in the golfing and hospitality sector. Get the nitty-gritty details about our country club insurance and hospitality risk products. 

When brokers try to sell country club insurance but don’t understand the business from the inside, risks can be overlooked. We take time to help our brokers get better at helping their client. There’ s a reason we earn a high renewal rate.
— David Harnois, CCM, Proud Employee Owner Affinity Club Underwriters

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